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The first CareMan module launched

26.5.2015 11:25 | Uutinen
April saw the launch of the first Careman masters module hosted in Lahti. It sure was a multi-cultural  event with students from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Finland, Prague, Italy, Scotland, Portugal all coming together for the intensive programme and a symposium. Teachers from Scotland and Prague joined their colleagues from Finland in planning the content and organising the event. The week was well evaluated and all students have now returned home to complete the module and it's assessment over the next few weeks.

The students worked well with all the staff group and the level and standard of exchange was excellent. In among the work was an opportunity for a sauna by the lake followed by a dip in the lake. Many of the brave took on the challenge and did it proud. The less brave looked on in admiration. There was also music by Lahti Symphony Orchestra with a trip to Lahti Sibelius Hall. We were introduced to music -old and new and a great night was had by all.

We are now looking forward to the next module to catch up.