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What kind of path do you take?

29.3.2016 17:00 | Uutinen

The programme of Smart Cities in Smart Regions 2016-Conference will include interesting and top-of-the-field keynotes, thematic sessions with presentations, poster sessions, workshops and site visits. Find an interesting path and come to hear more!

​Digital Living

Come and meet the experts to hear new trends and new views of digital development, digital solutions, e.g. digitalization of public services, that affect and chance our everyday lives.

Smart Wellbeing

In wellbeing and social cohesion, the key factors are health, inclusion and empowerment. Wellbeing and social cohesion provide the basis for individual and community growth as well as the foundation for healthy regional growth, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the regeneration of organizations. Different smart solutions are already a big part of daily working culture in the healthcare sector. How robots and other digitalization tools can provide even better service-oriented and cost-effective solutions?

Come and meet the experts to hear the latest news and innovations in the healthcare sector. In a field of smart wellbeing the City of Lahti offers Smart Wellbeing Technologies in Lahti workshop. During the workshop you get closer to City of Lahti`s technology solutions in eldercare. Smart Wellbeing site visit has an excellent tour to see practical activities. During the company visit we will get a change to explore Onnelanpolku service center which is designed for comfortable, safe and accessible living with numerous smart features and services and explore a learning environment Simulti where social and health care students can adapt their theoretical knowledge to practical learning in safe surroundings.

Future Learning

Higher Education Institutes are rethinking their roles and responsibilities, and engaging in learning and co-production of knowledge beyond the campus walls, resulting in discoveries with impact to society and regional development. Chancing working life creates new demands for higher education institutes to equip the future experts with a new set of skills required in the dynamic working environment. The right skills, a sharp focus, and a passion for learning and adaptation are a must for enterprises to succeed in the digital universe of tomorrow. New learning methods and more seamless cooperation with business sector are called for. There is a growing recognition of the potential role of universities in local and regional development and innovation as well as in promotion of entrepreneurship.

Come and meet the experts from international HEIs and hear them introduce their entrepreneurial programmes, stimulating student-based initiatives, commercialized research and creating university spin-offs.

On Thursday we have a great opportunity to meet Lahti UAS learning environments at FellmanniCampus. Join the day and hear how they move the future learning into action in their societies.

Clean and Sustainable Environment

Urban planning is a central tool for promoting better living environments in cities. Cities are facing new challenges such as the renewal of built environment and the transition of services as well as the integration of sustainability factors, such as urban climate, energy efficiency and green areas, into the planning process. Successful processes require also suitable project management and citizen participation to reach their targets. Digitalisation is adapted to facilitate effective, integrated urban planning and citizen participation.

Clean technologies includes all products, services, processes and technologies which promote the sustainable use of natural resources and reduce the environmental impacts. These can relate e.g. to material and energy efficiency, energy production and reduce of airborne emissions, clean water and waste water treatment as well as recycling activities and waste management.

Come and hear innovative approaches and tools for sustainable urban planning and catch new ideas.

Smart Cities and Regions

How do cities and regions best encourage growth and value creation in their area? Who should be involved in developing a whole region? What forms of collaboration have proved to be fruitful? What kind of policies are effective? How to use agile methods in systemic change? There are plenty of questions when it comes to understanding the role of public sector in value creation. Case studies, theories, and models for regional or city development are scrutinized in this session.Smart specialisation is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support to Research, Development and Innovation (RDI). It involves a process of developing a vision, identifying competitive advantage, setting strategic priorities and making use of smart policies to maximise the knowledge-based development potential of any region.

Come and hear the latest approaches for smart specialization from regional development policy-makers and academic experts. Roundtable sessions provides interesting developing projects from different municipalities.

Join the days and hear practical cases how to boost value creation to regions.​​