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Entrepreneurship Societies meeting in U.S. Embassy in Finland

16.5.2017 13:15 | Opiskelijatarina
Entrepreneurship Societies meeting in U.S. Embassy in Finland
On Friday the 5th of May was time for the annual Entrepreneurship Societies meeting in U.S. Embassy in Finland. In total, there was 12 Entrepreneurship Societies present, and of course LAMKES was one of them. The original purpose for the annual meeting is to network with other Entrepreneurship Societies and share both advices — and experiences together. 
Meeting started at 12.30 after we have gone through the security check. I must highlight that the facilities were perfect for the meeting. Before the official schedule started we admired the view to the Gulf of Finland from the balcony and enjoyed the sunny weather. The official activities included amongst other things people bingo and of course every ES pitched own society. It was great to hear what other societies have done this spring and what kind of plans they have for the upcoming fall-semester 2017. But even greater was to listen people who passionately speaks and thinks about the entrepreneurship. All in all, we were all our own kind of persons but we all shared the same entrepreneurial mindset.
The atmosphere was also very warm and supporting by Embassy. In a welcoming speech, Political and Economic chef Shawn Waddoups emphasized that they are willing to cooperation with Entrepreneurship Societies and a lively conversation went on in the meeting. Still the most remarkable matter for us was their presence during the whole meeting and their strong belief in us in what we are doing. 
What we learned in that meeting is that together with other ES’s we can spread the knowledge of entrepreneurship harder, better, faster and stronger. Together we can get more young people, especially students, involved and make Finland more entrepreneur-friendly. LAMKES is grateful for this opportunity to participate this meeting and the support from the U.S. Embassy in Finland. We hope that this tradition will continue in future years as well – long live annual meetings!  "