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Direct connection to Niemi – LSL operates the new route

30.8.2017 11:10 | Uutinen
Lahden Seudun Liikenne operates the new route 32N. This route goes to Mukkula via Lahti Travel Centre, without going round the market square. On Mukkula the route stops by the Campus at Niemenkatu. 

The new route drives hourly to both directions. The route to Niemi starts at Saksala every XX:30 o’clock, between 7:30 am and 16:30 pm. The route goes by Travel Centre around XX:40 o’clock.

Buses to way back from Niemi leave from Karjusaari every XX:50 o’clock between 11:50 am and 17:50 pm, plus 18:45 pm. The bus is at Niemi in 5-10 minutes, and reaches Travel Centre around XX:15.

LSL wishes comments, and feedback regarding the usability and the functionality of the route.

Contact information
Katja Suhonen
Public transportation designer
City of Lahti, Technical and environmental sector/ City environment

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