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Transfer Student Admission

For transfer students having the study right at UAS in Finland

Students who are currently registered at Lahti UAS or another Finnish higher education institution can apply for a transfer provided that their study entitlement has not expired. Students who change from one Lahti UAS programme to another are treated as transfer students if the degree title changes; if the degree title remains the same, it is treated as a programme transfer. Degree programme transfer application is available on LAMK Respa.

For transfer students studying abroad

Lahti UAS has no established procedure for international transfer students, who have no study right at Finnish UAS'. International students are always selected through the national joint application.

Application periods

  • January intake: 2 - 16 October
  • September intake: 2 - 16 May


1.    Students of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes can apply for transfer.
2.    At least some of the courses completed by the student prior to the transfer must be eligible for accreditation towards the new degree.
3.    The transfer applicant is required to have made consistent academic progress in the current programme.
4.    The applicant must have studied in his/her current programme for at least one semester. The applicant must be registered as a student at the current institution, either as attending or non-attending. The applicant must have completed at least one semester's worth of studies.
5.    The applicant must have sufficient time left to complete the degree within the time limit. The study entitlement is calculated from the date of acceptance of the original place. The length of the entitlement is the normal length of the programme + one year.
6.    Courses which will be completed by the end of the application period will be taken into account in the consideration of admission.
7.    The applicant must be prepared to attend a personal interview and/or exam organised by the programme in question. If the applicant is required to sit the common entrance exam, he or she must score at least the equivalent of the lowest score admitted from the exam-only admission group.

Tuition fees

As of 1.8.2017 tuition fees apply to new degree students from non-EU/EEA countries. For more information please visit the tuition fee pages.

Application procedure

Transfer applications can be submitted via Studyinfo. You can acces the application form from each programme.

Enclosures to application

  • Official transcript of records
  • Study certificate
  • Motivation letter (Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management, Faculty of Technology)
All enclosures to the application must arrive in the admission services of Lahti UAS by the end of the application period. The copies can be sent by post or email. Only studies which are completed by the end of the application period will be recognized in this application process.

Student selection

Transfer applicants will receive equal treatment in accordance with the admission criteria of the degree programme in question. Applicants may be ranked based on an interview, entrance exam and/or previous academic performance.

Results of the student selection will be informed:

  • By 30 June (studies beginning in the autumn)
  • By 15 December (studies beginning in the spring)

Study place must be accepted

  • By 31 July (studies beginning in the autumn)
  • By 31 December (studies beginning in the spring)
The applicant must accept the place and register for the academic year in accordance with current legislation. If the applicant fails to confirm acceptance of a place by the stated deadline, the offer will be cancelled. When applicant accepts a new study place from transfer student application, his/her previous study entitlement ceases.
Transfer admissions are subject to the normal admission appeal process. Students who have applied for a transfer can appeal the decision in writing to the Higher Education Board within 14 days of having been notified of the decision.