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Wish to experience the Finnish high quality education and teaching? Interested in studying in Finland?  Make the most of your studies, join us in Lahti!

At Lahti University of Applied Sciences we offer a variety of high quality Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes in Finnish and in English. We are dedicated in providing our students with the right skills for the demanding working life by working in close cooperation with the economic life. If you wish to enjoy your student life, gain a degree and have a career in business management, health care, IT or for example environmental technology, we believe Lahti is the right choise for you.

Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management 

Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS
Marketing, Finance Management, Management and Communications, International Trade, Computing, Business Logistics

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Institute of Design 

Bachelor of Culture and Arts, 240 ECTS
Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, Package Design, Jewellery and Object Design, Vehicle Design, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Photography

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Faculty of Social and Health Care

Bachelor of Health Care, 210 ECTS
Bachelor of Social Services, 210 ECTS
Social Services, Social Education, Social Counselling, Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Physiotherapy

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Faculty of Technology 

Bachelor of Engineering, 240 ECTS
Mechanical and Production Engineering (Mechatronics), Process and Materials Technology (Wood Technology, Polymer and Fibre Technology), Information Technology (Media Technology, Software Engineering, Data Networks), Environmental Technology (Environmental Planning, Environmental Engineering)

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