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Lahti University of Applied Sciences offers Bachelor of Nursing education where the graduates will acquire extensive competences suited for a broad range of positions in social and health care.
Registered nurses are professionals in supporting individuals, families and communities in determining, achieving, maintaining and promoting their health in changing life situations and circumstances.
The focus in this degree programme is placed on the aspect of family health care and nursing, as well as on ageing, geriatric nursing and the promotion of health and entrepreneurship. The teaching in this programme utilises the problem-based learning (PBL) method, which integrates education and work. The studies take place in small groups in which students discuss, criticize, and brainstorm new ideas and develop problem-solving and team working skills. Small group study is complemented with a variety of written assignments, seminars, lectures given by experts and different ways of showing skills and knowledge.
The students in this degree programme are offered a broad range of learning environments. Skills and knowledge are acquired as much as possible in a natural context to familiarise them with multiprofessional competences. We also utilise an online learning environment which allows flexibility in the studies. The Bachelor's thesis (15 ECTS) is closely connected to research, development and innovation and it is always carried out as an assignment for an organisation involved in a project or in working life in the field. The new information, activity, service or product is thus immediately available for use in the field. Good relations to different partners both inside and outside the university are integral to our programme. Among external interest groups, clinical placements for students are central. We develop project-based learning and seek to increase regional co-operation with these groups. Our wide international network also offers both students and teachers the opportunity for exchange and other forms of co-operation.


Entry requirements

Notice! Since January 2016 all applicants for the Degree Programme in Nursing are required to have basic Finnish skills (level A2).

Job description

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing will qualify students as registered nurses having advanced knowledge and good skills to plan, implement and evaluate nursing care as well as to develop nursing practice. In the degree programme family nursing is emphasised. Problem based learning is used as a learning method where students work together actively in small groups. Students learn also in multidisciplinary projects and in various social and health care settings where the practical training is done.
Students are encouraged to do part of their studies abroad. Individual study plans are made with the help of tutor teachers. Learning Finnish language is supported with those students coming outside Finland. After completing the programme students have a possibility to work as registered nurses in Finland or abroad.


7900,00 €
As of 1.8.2017 the tuition fee for new students from the non-EU/EEA countries is EUR 7900 per academic year for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Application period

10.1.2017 klo 8.00 - 25.1.2017 klo 15.00

Further information

Further information : 
study counsellor Siru Kilpilampi, siru.kilpilampi[at]
Information regarding the admission procedure:
admission[at], see also: ”Admission to Bachelors’s Degree”

Student Office: nursing[at]

Tuition fees, living expenses and insurance

As of 1.8.2017 the tuition fee for new students from the non-EU/EEA countries is EUR  7900 per academic year for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes.

When planning your studies it is good also to remember that books and other studying material, travel, accommodation and living expenses must all be covered by the student himself/herself.

Please note that the tuition fees do not apply to the following non-EU/EEA students:

1.1. Students who have started studies before August 2017
2.2. Students who study in degree programmes taught in Finnish
3.3. Students who are EU/EEA citizens or their family members (spouse/ child)
4.4. Students who are already residing in Finland or some other EU country on a permanent basis (i.e are equivalent to EU citizens, have a continuous (A) or permanent (P/P-EU) residence permit type)

Lahti University of Applied Sciences is currently designing a Scholarship Programme for fee-paying students to help funding part of their studies.
Information on this will follow later in autumn 2016.

To obtain a residence permit foreign students have to make a bank deposit of at least 6000 euros for each year of studying to cover their living costs in Finland. In addition to this, they have to provide evidence that they have a health insurance for the duration of their studies in Finland.  It is important to note, that students from outside the EU/EEA countries are not covered by the Finnish national health insurance. Therefore it is highly important that these students have sufficient insurance cover before their arrival to Finland.
For more information about insurances and residence permits, please visit the website of The Finnish Immigration Service.

Application process->

Application process

Selection criteria

Entrance examination for academic year 2017-2018 will be organized April 18th, at 7.30 - 16 in Lahti, Hoitajankatu 3, Finland.

Please follow the Studyinfo -website for more detailed information about the admission and entrance exams. At Studyinfo -website you can also make your application and participate the applying process. The application form is available during the applying period.