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Nursing education emphasizes the future competencies, in which smart self-care solutions aim to promote the health and well-being of the individuals and families. The education challenges critically looking at, and finding evidence based solutions to lifestyle changes, monitoring long-term illness, care and rehabilitation. Smart self-care solutions include, for example, a variety of e-health services and robotic opportunities for patients and customers.

During the studies, you will be working in development tasks and participate in experimenting new customer/patient-centered services to promote well-being and enhance entrepreneurial skills. Studying is carried out mainly in authentic social and health care organizations, but also in versatile and modular simulation and classroom environments.

One of the significant strengths of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences is a strong expertise in simulation education. The simulation center SimuLti offers authentic learning situations and experiences for social and health care students. You can practice a variety of social and health care competences in safe environment with human patient simulator or patient actors. Simulation motivates and activates the learner and the education is student centered and emphasizes guidance.

The simulation center serves as a learning environment and a training platform, to enhance student’s ability to reflect on the registered nurses competencies and to multiply the lessons learned. In simulation, it is possible to create learning situations and to practice the procedures and methods of action using evidence-based information. Simulation education provides perceptive learning experiences in an authentic environment. Studying in English-speaking student group is multicultural and you also have possibilities to co-operate with Finnish- speaking students. You will have opportunities to participate international student exchange programmes in Finland or abroad.


As a registered nurse, you are able to promote and support the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities and you are able to treat the patients individually and holistically. As a nurse, your work will be independent and responsible. You will be implementing and developing nursing and health care together with other social work and health care professionals. You will also make independent decisions and you will have competencies to lead teams and you will be able to work in supervisory positions.


Entry requirements

The studies include clinical training in health care organizations where studying only in English is challenging. Opportunities for learning Finnish are offered during the studies, but all applicants are also required to have basic Finnish skills (level A2). Language skills will be tested in the entrance examination.

Field requirements

The social and health entrance examination emphasizes the student's suitability for the health care sector and assesses the interest and orientation in the field, social skills, and learning and working skills. The entrance examination is organized by experienced teachers. The exam involves, inter alia, a math test, a Finnish language test, an essay and a group interview situation. The examination is arranged at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. The examination is free of charge for the applicant.

Applicant's health status and functional capacity

In the social and health care sector, the applicant's state of health and functional ability must be such that the student is able to carry out practical duties and clinical training. It should be noted that:
- studying and working in a nursing profession requires a good mental balance
- social and health sector is not suitable for a alcohol or drug user
- for example, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic skin diseases and allergies may become a health problem during study or later in working life
- a blood-borne disease may limit the clinical training opportunities and possibilities later in working life.

Before clinical training, Lahti University of Applied Sciences may request criminal background extract if the clinical training involves working with minors. LUAS also has the right to send a student to drug tests if there is justified suspicion of drug use.

At the request the applicants will have to provide information on the state of health as well as information on the decision to withdraw the study right.

During the applying process the applicant is required to indicate if, according to her own opinion, she or he does not meet the requirements of her health and functional capacity to study for a degree. On the basis of the applicant's announcement, the University of Applied Sciences will ask the applicant for a medical certificate to clarify the state of health. The student will bring the certificate to the entrance examination. In entrance examination this will be discussed with the applicant to evaluate the ability to study and evaluate the appropriate study adjustments.

Job description

As a registered nurse, you will collaborate with other social work and health care experts and work as a specialist in your field in multidisciplinary teams. As a nurse you will have opportunity to work in social and health services in public services or in the private sector, in organizations; e.g. in health centers, hospitals and welfare centers, in various types of housing, associations, disability organizations and foundations and as an entrepreneur. As a nurse you can also work in various national and international expert positions. You have a variety of career opportunities on offer.


7900.00 € Notice! A scholarship will be awarded for the first year, which will lower the fee by 50%. Read further information from Study in English -website.

Application period

9.1.2018 klo 8.00 - 24.1.2018 klo 15.00

Further information

Further information : 
study counsellor Siru Kilpilampi, siru.kilpilampi[at]
Information regarding the admission procedure:
admission[at], see also: ”Admission to Bachelors’s Degree”

Student Office: nursing[at]

Tuition fees, living expenses and insurance

As of 1.8.2017 tuition fees apply to new degree students from non-EU/EEA countries. Notice! A scholarship will be awarded for the first year, which will lower the fee by 50%. The tuition fee for academic year 2018-19 is 7 900 €, of which 3950 € is to paid by July 10th, 2018.​

When planning your studies it is good also to remember that books and other studying material, travel, accommodation and living expenses must all be covered by the student himself/herself.

Please note that the tuition fees do not apply to the following non-EU/EEA students:

1. Students who have started studies before August 2017
2. Students who study in degree programmes taught in Finnish
3. Students who are EU/EEA citizens or their family members (spouse/ child)
4. Students who are already residing in Finland or some other EU country on a permanent basis (i.e are equivalent to EU citizens, have a continuous (A) or permanent (P/P-EU) residence permit type)

To obtain a residence permit foreign students have to make a bank deposit of at least 6000 euros for each year of studying to cover their living costs in Finland. In addition to this, they have to provide evidence that they have a health insurance for the duration of their studies in Finland.  It is important to note, that students from outside the EU/EEA countries are not covered by the Finnish national health insurance. Therefore it is highly important that these students have sufficient insurance cover before their arrival to Finland.
For more information about insurances and residence permits, please visit the website of The Finnish Immigration Service.

Application process->

Application process

Selection criteria

Please follow the Studyinfo -website for more detailed information about the admission and entrance exams. At Studyinfo -website you can also make your application and participate the applying process. The application form is available during the applying period.

The tuition fee for academic year 2018-19 is 7 900 €, of which 3950 € is to paid by July 10th, 2018.​ Notice! A scholarship will be awarded for the first year, which will lower the fee by 50%. Read further information from Study in English -website.

Entrance examination

Entrance examination for academic year 2018-2019 will be organized April 10th 2017, at 7.30 - 16 in Lahti, Hoitajankatu 3, Finland.