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We have created the International Business programme in close cooperation with businesses and other partners. This ensures that you will be well prepared for international business settings and roles.

In the first year, you will develop a good foundation in different areas of business and start building your  professional profile by doing core competence studies. From the second year onwards, you have the opportunity to start personalizing your study path by doing complementary competence studies. We offer you a choice of modules in international business, marketing, financial management, logistics, entrepreneurship, digital business and information technology. We also offer modules combining expertise from various different fields, such as service design and circular economy. Finally, you will put theory into practice as projects carried out with businesses are part of this programme.

We emphasize internationalization. The programme offers you an incredible chance to become an international business expert. Our courses are delivered in a multicultural and international environment, and your studies include a student exchange or work placement period spent abroad. Lahti UAS has an extensive network of international study exchange partners.

Your personal tutor will support and assist you throughout your studies, for example in your module choices.

All degree programmes at Lahti University of Applied Sciences include complimentary studies, which allow you to extend your skills and specialise in an area of your interest. In addition, during your studies, you can earn credits by working at a student-run media agency, a campus radio station or a practice firm founded by you.

Practical training is an important part of your studies. During practical training, you will familiarise yourself with a company’s operating culture and gain valuable work experience. Writing a final thesis allows you to focus on a working life related topic, usually including a development task.


Study Guide


The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in International Business at Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Lahti UAS) introduces you to the world of contemporary business in a modern, international learning environment.

The programme combines theory and practice and equips you for a range of roles in international businesses and organisations. You will also gain skills and knowledge to continue your studies further towards a master’s degree.

You will develop into an international business professional with strong business management skills, communication skills and the ability to manage in multicultural workplace environments.

Personal study programme

This programme does not have a main subject. Your competence profile will depend on your module choices. You will draw up a personal study plan with your tutor. Prior or experiential (work-based) learning will be taken into account in the plan. It is also possible to accredit your current work towards your degree.


General eligibility to apply to degree programmes has been explained in the General Section of this recommendation. More detailed information at "Recommendation for admission criteria in polytechnic / UAS bachelor’s degree programmes" section at

Admission criteria can be found on our website at

Job description

After completing the programme, you will have excellent career opportunities. You will be able to work in international expert and management roles in various types of businesses and organisations. In addition, the programme prepares you to work as an independent entrepreneur.

Possible job titles include: marketing manager, marketing planner, marketing assistant, sales manager, sales assistant, import/export coordinator, buyer, purchasing manager, export assistant, financial manager, controller, customer service coordinator, entrepreneur.


As of 1 August 2017 the tuition fee for new students from the non-EU/EEA countries is EUR 7,900 per academic year for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes.

Please note that the tuition fees do not apply to the following non-EU/EEA students:

1. Students who have started studies before August 2017
2. Students who study in degree programmes taught in Finnish
3. Students who are EU/EEA citizens or their family members (spouse/ child)
4. Students who are already residing in Finland or some other EU country on a permanent basis
(i.e are equivalent to EU citizens, have a continuous (A) or permanent (P/P-EU) residence permit type)


The scholarship is based on a 50% reduction in the fee for the first academic year. In addition, a 50% reduction applies to all the following years if the student has completed a minimum of 55 ECTS during the previous academic year. This will be applied until the end of the study time (3.5 years).

If you start your studies in the spring semester, January 2018, the tuition fee is half of the fee for the whole academic year. In addition, as a new student you will automatically receive 50% reduction on this fee, which means that the tuition fee for the spring semester is 1975 euros.

Application period

6.9.2017 - 20.9.2017 klo 15.00

Apply here

Application period 9 September - 20 September, 2017 » More information about application and reguirements

Further information

Degree Programme Coordinator Marja Viljanen (Ms)
Tel + 358 44 708 1366

Student Councellor Enni Rantahalme (Ms)
Tel + 358 44 708 1788
Email enni.rantahalme[@]

Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management

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Application process->


Complementary competence studies include areas of study that develop and advance your chosen areas of expertise. These competences form your professional profile.

Common core competence 25 ECTS
•    English for Work, 3 ECTS
•    Swedish language, Oral Communication, 1 ECTS
•    Swedish language¸ Written Communication, 2 ECTS
•    Finnish for Foreigners 1, 3 ECTS
•    Professional communication, 4 ECTS
•    Developing professional competence, 5 ECTS
•    Research and development, 5 ECTS
•    Anticipating future trends, 5 ECTS

Professional Core Competence 110 ECTS
Project management and networking 15 ECTS
•    Project management, 5 ECTS
•    Digital tools and personal branding, 10 ECTS
Business models and processes 20 ECTS
•    Supply network, 5 ECTS
•    Accounting, 5 ECTS
•    Managerial work, 5 ECTS
•    Customer relations and marketing, 5 ECTS
Transforming ideas into business 15 ECTS
•    Fundamentals of business law and economics, 5 ECTS
•    Profitable enterprise, 5 ECTS
•    Successful business,  5 ECTS

Think Big - Global approach to business 15 ECTS
•    Global Communication in Business, 5 ECTS
•    Presentation and Public Speaking Skills, 5 ECTS
•    Global Business Opportunities, 5 ECTS

Practical Training 30 ECTS
Thesis 15 ECTS

Application process

Selection criteria

Applicants will be selected using the following two methods:

Queue 1: Selection method 2B based on the sum total of points awarded for school performance (Finnish matriculation graduates) and for the entrance examination (35 % of applicants).

School performance                                  60 points
Entrance examination                                 40 points
Total                                                       100 points

The point charts can be found in The general section of the recommendation for admission criteria

Queue 2: Selection method 1 based on the points awarded for the entrance examination (65 % of applicants).

Entrance examination                               40 points

Of the two admission queues, queue 1 will be filled first, followed by queue 2.

Entrance examination

The entrance examination for the Bachelor's Degree in International Business will be organised on Tue 31st October 2017 at the Faculty of Business Studies. The visiting address is Niemenkatu 73, 15140 LAHTI, Finland. The entrance examination consists of the following sections: an essay, multiple-choice questions, a section measuring mathematical/logical thinking and a group interview. The examination includes a compulsory section measuring English language proficiency. Applicants must pass all sections to an acceptable standard.

International Business of Lahti UAS will arrange the entrance examinations abroad in Vietnam and in Russia (St. Petersburg) in case of 10 or more eligible applicants. The dates and venues abroad will be informed later.

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility will be invited to sit the entrance examination. Final selection is based on the result of the entrance examination. Check before you send the application form, whether participation in the examination is possible.

Please note that in many cases the Embassy does NOT grant visas for attending school entrance exams. Also, Lahti UAS does not make any special arrangements to enable participation in the exam.