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Social ​programme

Events build up team spirit between students and provide also a relaxing variety for studies. Student Union LAMKO organize different student parties and free-time events for all students at Lahti UAS, degree and exchange students. Some events are organized only once in academic year. Student party is organized once a month by LAMKO.

Student events in Lahti UAS organized by LAMKO

Autumn semester
  • Lahti Amazing Race
  • Freshmen party by LAMKO
  • "Kurkunkastajaiset", freshmen event for Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management
  • Soccer Tournament
  • Trip to St Petersburg
  • International food festival
  • LAMKO on Boat –cruise
  • Trip to Lapland
  • Farewell party
Spring semester
  • Snow festival
  • Trip to Lapland
  • Aleksanterinkadun Appro pub crawl by LAMKO
  • Vappu, 1st of May celebration
  • Student baseball tournament
  • Farewell Party

Note! Some changes may occur.