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​Exchange student stories

We have had amazing exchange student at Lahti UAS. You can get to know a few of them by reading these student stories.
Ondřej Unzeitig - ​“Finnish people seem very cold and quite at first, but once you get to know more about them, you’ll be surprised at how warm and kind they actually are.”
Stephanie & Sheryl - “Though the darkness is very depressing sometimes, things keep changing so fast and sudden that we didn’t really get the chance to feel it. It’s the beautiful nature and the unpredictable weather that makes Finland so special to us.” ​
Nikola Smiljanic & Pablo Ruiz - "​During the Baltic trip we had so many crazy experiences. From partying like crazy animals and feeling like we’re all dead right before the trip , to getting to the wrong harbor, rushing to the right one in chaos and being almost late for the cruise. It’s so true that the craziest experiences always make the most unforgettable memories."
Welcome to Lahti - tutor style - "In early January new exchange students arrived in Lahti. We tutors felt like something was missing from the usual winter orientation program. An event not only to be interesting but something new and fun."
Museum visit can be fun!​ - Exhange students had a visit to the Ski Museum.
Lahti UAS Exchange Students Cheer for Pelicans​ - Being an exchange student at Lahti UAS is both about studies and having fun. 

Autumn semester starts with orientation programme​ - In autumn 2017 Lahti UAS welcomes 130 new exchange students from all over the world.

International atmosphere every day at Lahti UAS​ - At the end of the orientation tutors organized an annual Lahti Amazing Race for exchange students. 

How to expand your student exchange experience?​​ - Lahti UAS exchange students tried ski jumping