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Welcome to the Institute of Design and Fine Arts!

Institute of Design and Fine Arts is an internationally respected higher education provider for design, media, visual communication and fine arts. We educate talented professionals to work in our society with the ability to design and give concrete and visually perceivable forms to objects, communication and services.

At our institution we are proud of our students, education and achievements. When it comes to numbers, we might be a fairly small faculty; however, we are highly respected internationally and the reputation of our students is excellent in Finland and abroad. Having a degree from our institution gives a great platform for future success in career.

We are dedicated in providing our students with high quality teaching and the opportunity to develop their creativeness in their chosen field. Our teaching facilities and the modern technology enable a stimulating learning environment in close cooperation with the working life.

On these pages you can find information about our institution, degree programmes and international activities. In addition, we recommend that you have a good look at our student work. If you have any questions, please get in contact with us! 

Creative, experimental and future-oriented.
The place where the talent for design and fine arts develops.

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Photographer Anu Akkanen