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Welcome to study this summer at Lahti UAS SummerCampus! Enrolment for summer studies begins on 15th March, 2017 at 8.00.

Enrol for the studies in WinhaWille. Recommended browsers for WinhaWille are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x or Mozilla Firefox 45.x. The program is not supported by mobile.

Lahti UAS SummerCampus consists of Lahti UAS summer studies, FUAS summer studies, Summer School and Open studies. The SummerCampus studies will take place between 2nd May and 31st August, 2017. 

Lahti UAS Summer Studies
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FUAS Summer Studies
The students from HAMK, Lahti UAS and Laurea can participate in FUAS courses organised by the other member institutions. The summer studies are free of charge for the degree students of the member institutions.

Open Studies
Open University studies offered in the summertime are available to all. As a Degree student, you will not be charged the course fee IF you have the permission to include the course in your personal study plan. Please note, that paying customers are the first priority.

Summer School
Our multidisciplinary summer school is aimed for both Bachelor's and Master's degree students interested in environmental issues with either technical, business, design or social and health care background.

Enrol for the studies in WinhaWilleStudyplaces are filled in order of registration unless otherwise informed. If you are unsure about the suitability of the course regarding your own degree studies, please contact your tutor or study supervisor. Enrolment is always binding.
We have gathered instructions for the study information systems to wiki:

Enrolment for summer studies begins on 15 March, 2017 at 8.00. Enrolment ends on 18 April, 2017.

You can also see what is offered elsewhere: portal includes the summer study provision of 21 universities of applied sciences. The courses are mainly organized online.  You can check out the course provision from 1 March 2017. Enrolment for the summer courses starts mainly on 15 March 2017. ​
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