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Study Guidance

Providing support and guidance to you during your studies is one of our most important tasks. We want you to learn, achieve and develop your skills whilst you also enjoy studying with us.

The aim of the guidance is to help you achieve your targets with regards to your agreed study plan. Through this guidance process we hope that you will develop skills which will enable you to:

    • adapt to the Finnish education system and teaching culture;
    • study independently;
    • develop your learning skills;
    • adapt to the Finnish working life during work placements;
    • potentially complete a student exchange abroad, and
    • find employment or suitable further education after your graduation.

Every degree programme has a dedicated tutor teacher. These teachers provide you with guidance, support you with your studies, help you create your personal study plan, as well as, assess your progression together with you.  

In addition to this, our tutor students are also here to help you. These students have started their studies before you and have completed a tutor training. They provide guidance to new students in groups or in individual discussions. In addition, tutor students can also tell you about student activities and help you integrate into the Finnish society.  

In the following you can find contact details for study guidance at our international degree programmes:

Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management
Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Business and
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business Information Technology
Ms Enni Rantahalme, tel. +358 44 708 1788 

Master's Degree Programme in International Business Development
Ms Terhi Katila,

Faculty of Social and Health Care 
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing
Ms Siru Kilpilampi, tel. +358 44 708 0207 

Faculty of Technology
Master's Degree Programme in Urban Sustainability
Ms Terhi Katila,