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Study Benefits and Social Services

During your studies there are several benefits that you receive as a student. However, if you are officially not a Finnish citizen, it is good to remember that you may not be eligible for all the same support as Finnish students.

Tuition fees

Attending a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Programme at Lahti University of Applied Sciences is currently free of charge, but tuition fees will apply to new students from to non-EU/EEA countries as of August 2017. For more information about tuition fees, please visit:

Living expenses and insurance

When planning your studies it is also good to remember that books and other studying material, travel, accommodation and living expenses must all be covered by the student.

To obtain a residence permit foreign students have to make a bank deposit of at least 6000 euros for each year of studying to cover their living costs in Finland.

In addition to this, they have to provide evidence that they have a health insurance for the duration of their studies in Finland. Students from the EU/EEA countries have the right to municipal health care in Finland, if they are covered by health insurance in their own country (European Health Insurance Card). However, it is important to note, that students from outside the EU/EEA countries are not covered by the Finnish national health insurance. In order to receive a residence permit, since 1 September 2007, a student from a non-EU country must have a valid health insurance issued by reliable company or institution. Non-EU students who are studying in Finland in a full-time degree programme for minimum of two years need a health insurance that covers medicine costs. 

For more information about insurances and residence permits:

The Finnish Immigration Service

Financial Support

Most of Finnish students receive student allowance from the government during their studies. However, if you are in Finland for the purpose of studying, you are unfortunately not eligible for any financial support from Finland.

For further information please visit the following websites:

  • KELA - The Social Insurance Institution of Finland Centre for International
  • CIMO - The Centre of International Mobility

Student meals

The students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences are entitled to a reduction of 1.84 euros of the regular meal prices at the specified student restaurants. The reduction is restricted to the students studying for a full degree, certified further education students and registered exchange students. The reduction is available by producing a student card or a Kela Meal Subsidy Card.

The price to be paid by the student at the specified student restaurants is between 2.10 and 4.95 euro.

Menus and lunchtimes at student restaurants in Lahti (only in Finnish)

Health Care Services

Students from Lahti University of Applied Sciences are entitled to health care services on campus. This includes the services of nurses, psychologist and special needs teacher. The students are also allowed to use the health care services provided by the city of Lahti. To learn more about the health care arrangements, please get in contact with your faculty.

For information about the Social and Health Care Services provided by the City of Lahti please visit the following website.

Social and Health Services in Lahti​​