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Student Union LAMKO

The student union of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, more familiarly known as LAMKO, functions as a students’ spokesperson. LAMKO is a legally operating community and the official channel for students to influence their studying environment. It is an independent organisation; however, it operates closely with the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. 

The main task of LAMKO is to promote the rights of both Finnish and international students. It monitors the quality of teaching and takes part in developing and shaping the studying environment. On a wider national level, LAMKO can also function through its umbrella organisation, the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (SAMOK ry).

Active student life

LAMKO takes care of the wellbeing of the students during school hours and free time by organising activities throughout the academic year. These activities include events such as sporting days, boardgame evening, trips to other cities and student parties. Student parties are organised once a month, board game evenings every week and other events throughout the year. For international students studying at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences LAMKO organises an International Club that offers non-alcoholic events and get-togethers for both degree and exchange students.

Tutors are here to help you!

On a yearly basis LAMKO selects students to become tutors for new students. The selected students are provided with training and they are here to help the newcomers to start their life in Lahti. If you are shortly relocating to Lahti and starting your studies with us, a dedicated tutor will contact you by email to see if you have any questions before your arrival. The tutor will also be able to help you with everyday things once you arrive in Lahti. If they do not know they answer, they will know who you can contact!

Membership and student card

All students studying at Lahti University of Applied Sciences can join the student union, including degree and exchange students. By becoming a member of LAMKO you will get a student card. With the student card you get many discounts and benefits in the Lahti area and also nationwide. For example, you can buy train and bus tickets for half price, get school books a bit cheaper at some bookstores or get discounts at restaurants and bars. Therefore, joining LAMKO is money well spent!

Please, note that you can now join LAMKO for the whole length of your studies. Through a long term membership you will save money on the membership fees.

To get more information about the student union and apply for the membership and a student card, please visit their website:

LAMKO Student Union website