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Student Integration

Moving to a completely new country or even just to a new city is exciting. At the same time; however, you might be worrying about how you will settle in Lahti, whether you will find new friends and how you will cope with the local language.

We at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences want to make you feel welcome and help you settle in the new surroundings. Whether you are already living in Finland or moving here from Russia, Vietnam, China or for example from the United Kingdom, we are here to help you! It is of our interest that you enjoy your stay and studies with us.

Integrating into a new culture is a challenge for everyone moving abroad. To help international students, particularly those who have decided to complete their whole degree with us, we have implemented annual activities which should help you settle in better.

Orientation week

Every year over a hundred new students start their studies in our international degree programmes. Many of these students are originally from Finland or have lived here already for few years. However, every year we have a large number of students who come from outside of Finland and may not have been to Finland before.

To support the adaptation into the new education system, culture and learning methods, and to offer a platform to integrate with  other students, we organise a joint orientation week every autumn for new students who start their studies in our international degree programmes. During this week you learn about you chosen programme, meet staff members, make new friends and familiarise yourself with your new studying environment.

Friendship Family Programme

The Friendship Family Programme is aimed at our international degree students. The programme offers international students an opportunity to get to know a local Finnish friendship family and experience real Finnish life and culture. In addition, students will have the chance to share their own culture, traditions and country with their friendship family. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next Friendship Family Programme!

Puhutaan suomeksi! campaign (Let's talk in Finnish!)

Puhutaan suomeksi! campaign was piloted in the autumn 2012 and due to its success it is becoming a part of our regular activities at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. The aim of the programme is to support the Finnish learning of our international students by encouraging language learning in normal everyday situations.

You might not consider staying in Finland after your studies, but if you decide to do so, you will notice that Finnish language skills are important when looking for work. In addition, knowing the local language will help you adapt in the Finnish society and everyday life. For these reasons, we want to support our students with their Finnish learning and offer opportunities to learn and practice.