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​Learning environments

Learning environments are designed to enable learners of different fields and different educational levels to work in multidisciplinary and international settings using modern technologies.


In Lahti UAS we have own campus radio, Limu Radio. Radio core is freedom to carry out own ideas and have fun. The students make the radio shows themselves and with “do it yourself” –spirit.



M.IDEA is a student-driven media agency, which aim is to provide different opportunities to complete courses, internships, project, thesis and training work.


Motions is a fitness and wellbeing service provider. We are a physiotherapy students' cooperative - a new kind of learning community in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. The cooperative is managed by the second and third year students.​

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Simulation Centre SimuLti

Simulation Centre SimuLti offers insightful learning experiences in learning situations simulating real working life situations. In SimuLti students from all faculties are given opportunities and safe environments to practice skills needed in future work.

DuuniExpo ja Yrittäj​yyspäivät -fair

DuuniExpo and Yrittäjyyspäivät are annually held fairs for studying, recruiting and networking. The aim is to bring together employers and job-seekers.


LAMKgreen is what’s green in Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

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Lahella syd​äntä

Lahella sydäntä is a new learning environment, which offers opportunity for students to make own charity concert in Lahti. Lahella sydäntä creates many consert during the year. 

The learning environment gives good possibilities to develop event organizer skills.

​​LAMKES - LAMK Entrepreneurship Society

LAMKES - LAMK Entrepreneurship Society is a student-run organization. The core idea is to support the entrepreneurial mindset among students, share the entrepreneurship related knowledge and also connect the students and the local entrepreneurs. For its members LAMKES is an entrepreneur-oriented learning environment, where students are able to develop their skills in different business sections, e.g. financial administration, marketing, communications or leadership. Valuable is also that members learn how to run a organization effectively and by law. 

All LAMK-students regardless of the study field are welcome to join in LAMKES!​