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​LAMK Support

LAMK Support offers various services to support the Lahti UAS students in their studies. There is for example self study materials for students who wish to prepare themselves for the University of Applied Sciences level language studies.

Lahti University of Applied Sciences is offering services of the Special Needs Teacher as a support tool for learning and all things related to studying. Special Needs Teacher is available for those who need support in developing learning skills, identifying learning strategies, or anything else related to learning. Special Needs Teacher will offer external help, support and advice. In addition, Special Needs Teacher is responsible for testing reading and writing skills and planning support for those skills if needed.

As a degree student you have student pastors, public health nurses and a psychologist at your service. The Financial Aid Committee Secretary will support you if you need more information about Student Financial Aid.

On the threshold of your new career we offer you support with CV or job applications, finding your strengths and learning to present them.​​

Supporting studies

Self Study Materials - English

Have you forgotten English grammar? Do you remember how to form questions in English? Do you want to strengthen your skills and learn something new?

Fix your forms – Self study materials that are based on web-links that are free to use. These extensive web based materials have been specifically chosen as the most suitable and best working sites, and are organized into themes; making them very user friendly.

Fix your Forms (pdf)

Support during studies

BYOD Using Your Own Device in studies

Intensive Thesis Days and Weekends at FellmanniCampus

Does writing your thesis sound like Mission Impossible? Is it hard to get started at home? Do you have the motivation to finish your thesis, but find it difficult to produce text?

If you have started your thesis but need help with the writing process or completing it, you can participate in the Lahti University of Applied Sciences’ Intensive Thesis Days or –weekends to further your work.

Supporting wellbeing

Confidential discussion

Do you want to talk confidentially to someone about life, about happiness or sorrows? Feel free to contact us. We are here for everyone regardless religious background.

Ms. Sonja Turunen, sonja.turunen[@], +358 44 719 1203
Mr. Riku Suokas, riku.suokas[@], +358 44 719 1472
e-mail to both: papit[@]

Study benefits and Social Service​s

Student Financial Aid

Do you complete 5ect per academic month? You can get more information about this form of support from Kristina.

Financial Aid Committee Secretary
Kristina Mäkelä
Kirkkokatu 27, 4th Floor, Student Office
Tel. +358 44 708 0695


Welcome to Terkkapysäkki. You are welcome to talk about your health, book an appointment to your nurse etc. If there is some extra theme or changes in time schedule, we´ll info you on our Facebook (Lahden Opiskeluterveydenhuolto). Timetable for 2016 will be updated here.

Supporting Job Searching

Personal Profile Analysis

Do you find it difficult to write a good CV or job application? Do you know what your strengths are and how to present them? Are you ready to graduate and feel you need support with job searching and job applications?

Students at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences have the possibility to do the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis. Doing this analysis is both easy and free, and you will always receive personal feedback. With the Personal Profile Analysis you can clearly determine where your strengths lie. The analysis will provide you with support in applying for a training period or in determining your eventual career. You will get advice on what motivates you and how you interact with people.​​​​​​