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International Experience​

Lahti University of Applied Sciences offers versatile opportunities to gain international experience and increase your intercultural competence.

Student Exchange and Placement Abroad

Part of your degree at Lahti UAS can be completed in our partner universities or by carrying out placement abroad. Every year over 250 of our degree students spend at least one semester in student exchange or placement programs. 

International Double Degree

When studying in the International Business Programme at Lahti UAS, you have the opportunity to gain a double degree in our partner institution in Island, Norway or Sweden. More double degree opportunities will be available soon also for the other degree programmes.

International Study Environment

Our 400 foreign degree students and 200 exchange students create a truly international study environment. Currently we have five degrees taught in English and all fields provide study modules in English.

Language and Culture Studies

Students at Lahti UAS are provided with wide and versatile language intercultural communication studies. In addition to compulsory language studies, students can take language and intercultural courses as optional studies. 

Studies in English

We offer seven degree programmes and in addition a large variety of individual courses in English for all Finnish students. The  guest lecturers from our partner institutions bring their international expertise and enhance the language and cultural knowledge of our students.

International Weeks

International weeks offer the latest knowledge in multicultural environment. The length of the study program is usually 1-2 weeks and it brings together students and teachers from Lahti UAS and partner institutions from around the world.  Our students have also the opportunity to participate in international weeks in our partner universities abroad. 

Tutoring International Student

All our degree students have the opportunity be a tutor student for international degree and exchange students. It is a great way to get new friends from all over the world, learn about new cultures and improve language skills.