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Success stories

At our faculty we educate and train competent graduates to the needs of regional, national and global businesses. Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated in providing our students with the skills to stand out from the crowd and succeed in their future career.

The Faculty of Business Studies is active in various international networks and competitions meaning that our students can get involved in interesting and rewarding challenges during their studies with us. In the past, our students have been very successful for instance in the case competitions of the Network for International Business Schools (NIBS, and in the World's Largest Strategic and Management Competition (

In May 2014 we hosted the Annual Conference of the Network for International Business Schools (NIBS).

We offer our students unique opportunities to raise their skill levels, succeed and stand out from the crowd!

NIBS competition 2014.jpg 

Lahti University of Applied Sciences bronze team in the NIBS Case Competition, London 2014.

 NIBS competition 2011.jpg
Lahti University of Applied Sciences' final team in the NIBS Case Competition, Canada 2011.