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Quality assurance

At Lahti University of Applied Sciences quality management forms the foundations for the active development of our higher education institution. At our university quality-thinking  is based on the principles of continuous development. With the help of a variety of joint quality procedures we steer our everyday operations and recognise our strenghts and weaknessess. 

LAMK Quality Drivers form the basis for the active quality work and enhance the quality culture at our university. As a whole, at LAMK the quality work and the quality system itself are tightly connected to the strategic management and help us reach our strategic vision. 

Lahti University of Applied Sciences was established in 1992 and quality work has been of importance from the very beginning. Nowadays it forms a vital part of all our operations – systematic quality assurance supports the development of our education and operations and enhances our competitiveness in Finland and abroad.

The quality system of Lahti University of Applied Sciences is based on the principles of the PDCA quality cycle (Plan - Do - Check - Act), which ensures that the operations are developed systematically with the support of four different phases. At LAMK all core duties, including education, RDI and regional development, as well as support services, have been designed a set of quality procedures which help to direct these functions and improve their quality.

The quality system of Lahti University of Applied Sciences was audited for the first time in 2006.  LAMK is currently in the second round audit process and the next audit will be organised in April 2018 by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). 

Key documents related to quality management

  • LAMK Strategy 2020 is the key document for steering the organisation. It sets the scene for the development work at Lahti University of Applied Sciences in the upcoming years. 

  • LAMK Quality Handbook 2018 provides our staff, students and stakeholders with an overview of the active quality work at our organisation. It contains a description of our quality system, organisational structure, and detailed information about the quality procedures we have in place to support development work at our university.

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