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LAMK Shop was born out of desire to buy LAMK branded quality product. LAMK Shop is open 24/7 at . You may also visit our LAMK Shop showroom in FellmanniCampus where you can touch and feel the products and try on the garments. Showroom is open always when the FellmanniCampus (Kirkkokatu 27, Lahti) is open.

The LAMK Shop is only in Finnish at the moment. You can get help from the showroom, if you want to buy from the webshop. You may also do it yourself with basics of Finnish (and with experience of webshops):

  • go to
  • check the  products
  • move the desired products to the shopping cart
  • tell us, if you are going to pick the products up from the showroom or shoud we deliver those by mail (we can't mail all the products if those are fragile)
  • pay the products and you will get a confirmative email
  • pick the products from the LAMK Shop at FellmanniCampus or wait for the post to deliver those
  • use and enjoy of your new products!
  • visit us again at

LAMK Shop is working in the experimental  spirit. The products may vary and renew in terms of the demand.

Welcome to the LAMK Shop – for the first time and again!

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