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International Relations 

At Lahti UAS, we aim at providing our students with extensive knowledge and skills for the international and multicultural working life. Our graduates understand the influences and the development trends in an international context.

We believe that sustainable and active collaboration with partner universities, companies and other organisations in Finland and abroad enhances our activities and enriches our students' learning experience. Our agreements with more than 190 universities around the world secure mobility for both our students and staff.  Together with our international partners, we develop courses and projects to offer opportunities for internationalization at home.

Annually, approximately 20% of our students gain international experience abroad by spending a semester either studying at a partner university or completing an internship. In addition, our 400 international degree students, 200 exchange students and many visiting lecturers from all over the world contribute to a truly international learning environment at Lahti UAS.

International Relations Services

Ms Hanna Mikkonen
International Relations Manager
+358 447080972

Ms Sari Horn
International Relations Coordinator
Faculty of Technology  & 
Institute of Design
+358 503871900

Ms Johanna Tarvainen
International Relations Coordinator
Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management
Faculty of Social and Health Care

+358 503051029


Office:FellmanniCampus, 4th floor, room 430
Address: Kirkkokatu 27, 15140 Lahti, Finland

Student Exchange Coordinators