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Visitors at Lahti UAS

Welcome to Lahti! Here you will find some practical information to plan your visit at Lahti UAS. Your contact person at Lahti UAS will also assist you with the practical arrangements.


All visitors, whether you are teacher or other professional, are requested to register as a visitor.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to register as a visitor at Lahti UAS

By filling in the online form you give us information about your visit at Lahti UAS. This information is used for our mobility statistics which we report annually to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The information is purely for statistics and none of your personal details are forwarded to the Ministry or to a 3rd party. For more information about data registration, please contact intoffice(at)

IT Services for visitors

Visitors have access to wireless network at all our campuses. Your contact person at Lahti UAS will assist you with the username and password for the network.


There are several opportunities where to stay during your visit in Lahti. We recommend you to check with your contact person at Lahti UAS the best location for the campus which you are going to visit.
Hotels in Lahti Region

More Information

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